The 3 Most Common Tree Problems and Their Solutions
Do you notice that your tree is not growing as well as your neighbor's? Are there ever increasing brown leaves on the tree and you don’t seem to understand why? 
It is important to understand that just planting trees is not enough. They are living beings and need to be taken care of in the best way to ensure that they grow well. With your attention, care and love, a tree will live a healthy and long life and will thrive. To help you take care of your trees and plants better, we have listed here some common tree problems and their solutions.

  1. Lack of Nutrients and Mineral Recycling
Lack of nutrients is one of the most common reasons trees don’t thrive well. In the forests, the trees enjoy a soil that is rich in mineral nutrients. This keeps the leaves and the trees from decomposing. On the other hand, we remove the fallen barks, twigs and leaves from our yard as soon as they fall. While this is necessary to keep the garden tidy and neat, it prevents the nutrients from adding up to the soil through the process of recycling. In addition, the trees in our yards are surrounded by a lot of grass which outcompete them when it comes to nutrients. 
Mulching your tree properly is very important. If you want it to grow the right way. When the organic mulch breaks down, the soil is replenished with microorganisms and nutrients that are needed for healthy growth of the trees. It is also important to know when to fertilize your tree for its optimal growth.

  1. Opportunistic Pests
The trees that are stressed are more likely to be targeted by pests as compared to healthy trees. The main reason of tree stress is poor environment. The tree might be planted at the wrong location, it may not have access to enough energy sources or may suffer from a lack of nutrients. This is often the case when the tree has to compete with other nearby plants and grass for nutrients. Pests love living on trees that are already suffering from such issues. 

It is very important to keep an eye on your trees. Monitor them regularly to make sure there are no pests and diseases. This helps the trees in relieving stress. If you think the problem is getting out of hands, make sure you call an arborist for help straight away before you lose the tree altogether. 

  1. Compacted Soils
Another common tree problem is compacted soil that we have in our yards. With all the foot traffic, construction projects, lawn mowers etc., the soil around the trees becomes compacted. The problem is more common in the houses that are newly built. This leads to stressed soil, restricted or crushed root growth.

Vertical munching is the most important thing to do in this case. In addition to vertical munching, make sure you mix in organic matter in the compacted soil often to ensure that it doesn’t run out of nutrients. 

If you are facing some problem with your trees, it is imperative that you get help from a professional arborist. We offer our service to people from all over the world. All you need to do is send us pictures of your trees and we will identify the problem and suggest you a solution. Follow the link to connect with us: