Do you know that damage to trees can occur right under your nose? There are many issues from mites to insects and diseases that might be causing a problem in your trees and before you notice the effects, it is usually too late. There are a number of tree and shrub diseases and insects that can cause a havoc in your yard. What makes things more difficult is that these problems are not easy to identify. 
Do you know that there are some warning signs that indicate your tree might be undergoing some major issue? These common signs make it easy to identify problems in their early stages and allow you to get help from a professional arborist before it is too late. Here we have listed some common tree problems and the warning signs they come with. This will allow you to get familiar with these tree issues and take immediate action to prevent the problem from spreading and damaging more trees.

  1. Chewed Foliage
One of the most common symptoms that your tree is undergoing some problem is visible chewed foliage. Are there small irregular holes in the leaves? Are the edges jagged? These are clear signs that something is going on with the trees. It can be caused by an insect larvae, weevil or a beetle issue. If not taken care of at the right time, the trees can become infected and it becomes difficult to cure them. Thus, if you notice any chewed on leaves, it is best to send a picture to us so we can identify what exactly is the problem and its possible solution.

  1. Distorted Foliage
Do you notice that the foliage on your trees is becoming distorted? This is most probably caused by aphids. These insects are soft-bodied and multiply quickly. They have piercing mouth parts that they use to suck all the plant sap and leave the leaves devoid of healthy nutrients. The trees become destroyed in some time if the issue is not taken care of at the right time and in the right manner. Thus, early detection is the key in helping the trees remain safe from aphids. 

  1. White Spots
Do you notice a lot of white spots on the leaves, branches or twigs of your trees? It is an indication that there is an infestation of scale insects. These insects are actually parasites that feed on the plant fluids, taking away all the necessary nutrients needed for a healthy plant growth. The white spots you notice are actually white bugs which are in thousands in numbers, causing immense damage to the trees. It is important to identify the problem early on and take drastic measures to help prevent any future damage. 

These are some of the tell-tale signs that indicate your trees are undergoing some major issues. Not sure what the cause is and what can be done to prevent any further damage? Send us a picture of the problem your tree is facing and we will suggest you the possible cause and solution. Follow the link to know more: