Tree Diseases Killing Trees Throughout the USA

The year of 2016 is coming to a close, and it has been a busy one for this Arborist. In my 28 years in the tree business, I have never seen so many trees dying.

This summer, I received multiple calls daily from people who were wondering why their Pine tree is turning orange. What is causing this is a air borne fungal disease called Dothistrama Needle Blight.
There is also another disease called Red Band Needle Blight. They are somewhat similar.
I have had good success treating this disease with a systemic fungicide via an application technique called a Basal Drench.

I have read quite a few articles  saying that the disease if not often fatal, but that has not been my experience. Just this summer alone, I have seen hundreds of dead Ponderosa Pine, and other varieties of pine, dead from this disease. Also many other species of conifers, such as Fir and Spruce.

I have found that if I treat the disease in its early stages, I have a much higher success rate. Unfortunately, many property owners wait too long before contacting someone about their tree turning orange, thinking that the tree is just dry, due to dry summer weather.

I have been diagnosing and treating tree diseases for almost 30 years, and have been an ISA certified arborist for almost 15 years, and the last 3 years have been the worst I have ever seen. There is needle blight killing Pine trees and other conifers throughout the northwest US, and it has even been declared an epidemic by the US forest service.

In California, a tree disease called Sudden Oak Death is killing millions of Live Oak and other oak trees. and it is an epidemic. Luckily, there is a way for the average property owner to treat and protect their trees from these and many other diseases. Its called Reliant Systemic Fungicide, and combined with a penetrating surfactant called Pentra Bark, it can easily and economically be applied by anyone using just a hand pump spray can.

Arborist Tree On Demand, the first  ISA certified Arborist owned company to offer instant tree diagnosis using pictures sent via email or text, helping more and more people around the US, and the world, identify and diagnose what is wrong with their trees, and helping to save them!