Over 66 million Live Oak trees have died from a fungal disease

Over 66 million Live Oak trees have died since 2010 in California, from a fungal disease called Sudden Oak Death. You read that right, 66 million trees. And there is no end in sight. It is believed that the fungus made its way into the US via some rhododendrons and bay laurels which are hosts for the disease, and were brought into a nursery from outside the country, and then it spread to the Oak trees.

Authorities have actually quarantined 15 counties in California to prevent the spread of the disease, but doesn't seem to be working, as it has spread to the eastern US and is now killing millions of trees throughout the Appalachian range. It could end up killing more trees than any disease in the history of the US, and permanently change the landscape of these areas.

One of the biggest concerns is that all these dead, dry trees could lead to catastrophic wildfires, which happens when there are huge amounts of fuel just ready to burn.
Because of the huge areas this disease has spread to, its not possible to treat and control the disease as its just not economically feasible.

There is a treatment for this disease, and it is better to apply it as a preventative,  and not wait until trees are already showing symptoms of the disease. The systemic fungicide that is used to treat the disease is called Reliant systemic fungicide, and when mixed with water and another ingredient called Pentra Bark, allows the fungicide to be applied right to the bark of the tree, with just a 1 gallon spay can.
So, as a private property owner, you can protect your Oak trees, just don't wait until its too late. You can find these products at  www.ArboristTreeOnDemand.com