Dothistroma Needle Blight a Pine tree Disease

This is Derek with an update on the Dothistroma Needle Blight, a Pine tree disease that is running rampant throughout the Western US.  It has been recognized as an epidemic by the US Forest Service, but unfortunately, there is not much that can be done about it. It is spreading throughout our forests on such a massive scale, that there appears to be no real effective way to manage it.

In the articles I have read,  the USFS talks about needing to do something, but nothing specific, and to this date nothing appears to have been seriously discussed or implemented.
I noticed this year that even in November, when I usually don't see much in the way of phone calls from people concerned about their trees health, that people were calling me about their pine trees turning bright orange. I believe that the record levels of rain in October contributed to the continued spread and high level of activity of the Needle Blight disease much later into the season.
I can't remember a year when I have had so many grown men and women near tears when looking at their trees all turning orange, and telling me they will be broken hearted if all their Pine trees die.
Luckily I can offer them an effective treatment for this tree disease, a very easy to apply systemic fungicide that has a high rate of success controlling this highly virulent disease.
By applying Reliant Systemic Fungicide, and a special surfactant called Pentra Bark, mixed with water, this tree disease can be controlled by the average homeowner or Arborist.
As I saw this disease remain active for later into the season than I have the last 4 years, when I first encountered it here in Washington State, I am very curious, and concerned about what next year will bring.  If you have questions about this, please contact me at