How to Hire a Professional Arborist

There are quite a few threats to your landscape. Trees face danger from insects, diseases, and abiotic problems. However, professional arborists have the knowledge of how to take proper care of sick trees, keep trees healthy, and give information when needed. They have quite a few areas of expertise, typically depending on the specific person but may include: planting, fertilizing, transplanting, pruning, tree removal, pest management, proper diagnosis of problems and pesticide application.

How to Find a Professional Arborist
Start by looking on the internet. You can type in your location and any keywords you may be looking for. This will give you a few different options to choose from so you can pick the very best arborist for your needs. Compare different companies in your area and read over the different websites. If you aren’t very tech savvy, you could go the old school route of using your telephone book. 

Arborist Qualifications
No matter your area, you should be looking for an arborist who is certified by (or are) members in professional organizations. A professional arborist will most likely be certified through at least one, or more, international, national, or local organizations, having involvement in an organization shows dedication. It also shows you they are experienced and have enough knowledge to have been accepted into the arborist organization.
If they are an active member of one or more organizations, it also proves to you they are able and willing to keep updated on what is new and going on in the arborist community, such as techniques, methods, and useful information.

General Guidelines
1.      Make sure they have proof of insurance and that it is current. You do not want to be held financially responsible if the arborist/worker is uninsured and becomes injured on your property or damages someone else’s property.
2.      It is good to ask for local references. This will let you see some of their work and give you an opportunity to talk with people who have used their services in the past.
3.      Be patient when picking out an arborist. You want someone who is going to be reliable for both the job and to be around your home. Don’t simply pick someone because you do it on a whim.
4.      The contract should cover the cleanup and disposal of waste, as well as covering any issues of timing or disease spreading.
5.      It is also a good idea to get more than just one estimate so you can compare.
6.      Remember if you want the best, you’ll be paying the best. Their experience and education does not come cheap but it's worth it.