Tree Disease Identification and Treatment : Consult Arborist

If you believe that your trees are in danger of having one of the many different types of tree disease, then it is time to identify and treat the issue. The Arborist Tree Service on Demand is ready to help. The Certified arborist in Washington will best assist you with tree disease treatment. Certified arborist in Washington can diagnosis and provide treatment to nurture your tree back to health. Arborist work with individual trees to promote healthy roots, trunk, limbs, and foliage, this will allow the tree to have a longer life span.

Tree Disease

Tree disease is commonly found throughout the United States. Just like a person or an animal trees can develop an infection due to a bacteria or fungus. Bacteria that is damaging your tree is microscopic and unable to be seen other than the symptoms that are seen on the tree, or through a microscope. A fungal infection is usually common to the area, or grown due to over watering. Disease within the tree will cause the tree to become deceased or allow it to be predisposed to other diseases if left untreated.

Identification of Tree Disease

Certified arborist in Washington are ready to start identifying what ails your tree through a simple process. When looking at your tree you can spot evidence of disease on the flowers, leaves, needles, bark, and roots. In many cases a tree that is disease will show similar signs of drought, as though the tree is not receiving a sufficient amount of water.
On the leaves of your tree you can see spots or discoloration as evidence that there is an issue within the tree. In trees that have needles, there are also clear signs of disease when discoloration accrues. Usually if the bark of a tree begins to bulge, leak sap, form galls, produce alcoholic slime, or dark staining. After identifying the issue it is time to think about tree disease treatment


Arborist Tree Service on Demand can design a treatment plan for your tree. When introducing the right treatment products to the tree you will begin to see and improvement in the damaged area. In order to control the disease within the tree you should consult Arborist Tree Service on Demand, Certified arborist in Washington that will consult with you, as you work together to identify the problem areas, and go over recommended tree disease treatment plans. 

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